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Scottish Indoor Flint Championship

The SFAA are introducing a new championship "The Scottish Indoor Flint Championship" (SIFC)

The 1st will be held on 6 Nov 22 at:

Engage, Napier University, 9 Sighthill Court, Edinburgh EH11 4BN.

Full Details and tickets will be available shortly thought the SFAA Events Page.

Tickets for either or both sessions can be purchased. E.G. If you want to shoot both sessions buy 2 tickets and select the sessions in the ticket options.

The event is open to all SFAA Members. Members of other recognised Archery Organisations are invited please see ticketing for the requisite pricing.

  • The even holds official SFAA Championship and Record Status.

  • All entrants are to read and understand the Shoot Protocol Which can be read HERE

  • Full details of the round click here: FLINT ROUND

  • Entrants should check their shooting division prior to booking SEE GUIDE

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Miembro desconocido
14 jul 2022

Details are on the web site now. Tickets are not yet on sale.

Me gusta
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