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Winter League 2023-4 
Entry now Closed (New)
Hosted by Palacerigg Field Archers

The Winter League is now closed for new entries for PAA round scores submitted on a monthly basis. See IFAA book of rules Page 58.


These rounds can be shot at your club or at home and self-verified (you are only cheating yourself) 😊  and submitted individually. 

  • Dec scores due by: 5 Jan 24

  • Jan scores due by 5 Feb 24

  • Feb scores due by 5 Mar 24 

  • Mar scores due by 5 Apr 24


The 3 best scores will be aggregated to count towards the result. 

Monthly results will be published on the SFAA Web Site under Winter League. 

There will be medal awards for each division: Gold, Silver and Bronze these will be announced by the end of Mar 24.

Each score must be sent to the organiser before the dates below or it won’t count.


To enter simply complete the form on this Page as soon as practical. 


Please include:

  • 1st Name

  • 2nd Name

  • Gender

    • Female

    • Male

  • Age Group

    • Senior +65

    • Veteran +55

    • Adult 22-54

    • Young Adult 16-21

    • Junior 13-15

    • Cub 12 & under

  • Shooting Style:

    • Barebow Recurve

    • Barebow Compound

    • Bowhunter Recurve

    • Bowhunter Compound

    • Bowhunter Limited

    • Bowhunter Unlimited

    • Historical Bow

    • Longbow

    • Traditional Recurve

    • Freestyle Recurve

    • Professional L FS -R

    • Freestyle Compound

    • Professional FS -C

    • Freestyle Unlimited

    • Professional FU


A sample scorecard can be downloaded here: 

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