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Birkhill Field Archers

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Shooting Times

Most Birkhill Field Archery Club members meet at the course Sundays 1000 – 1300 all year round. Full members can use the course at any time.

Limited Indoor shooting facilities are available during the winter months.

There are no facilities on the course. Archers must bring their own food and drinks. All litter is to be taken home with you. There is a chemical lavatory, please bring tissues.


All of our events are published on the SFAA Web Site – See Events pages


Full Member £30.00

Abated Membership (Spouse/Partner-or over 67) £20.00

Junior Member (ages 11-16) £15.00

Birkhill Field Archery Club Members will also need to join the SFAA, current rates are published on their web site. SFAA-LTD


Other Information

Our field course near Gauldry NE Fife, cannot cater for severely disabled people, due to the rough terrain.


The Field Archery Course

A field archery course is set out much like a golf course but generally in a forest or on a hill side. Unlike golf there are either 14 or 28 targets.

In competition each archer will shoot 4 arrows at 28 targets (On 14 target courses the course will be shot twice) the aim being to get as close to the centre of the target as possible.

Targets are laid out at a fixed set of distances between 15 and 80 yards with one short target The Bunny being shot at 35 feet. Each SFAA course is then inspected and approved for safety.

The most common types of shoot are Field Shoot and Hunter Shoot where the target faces are black and white concentric circles scoring from 5 points for the spot or centre of the target down to 3 for the outer most ring.

Occasionally clubs will have an Animal Shoot where archers shoot at pictures of wild animals. The scoring for this round is different.

IFAA Archers Handbook contains full detail.



Any kind of bow, having two flexible limbs, except a crossbow or bow incorporating a mechanical drawing device. Optical spotting aids are permitted.

The archer shall support both the mass weight and the holding weight of the bow without any assistance from any external aid, other than those defined in the relevant styles.

Arrow speed shall not exceed 300 feet per second (fps) plus or minus 3 percent.

All arrows used must be identical in length, weight, diameter, fletching and nocks without regard to colour or normal wear and tear.



All fully paid up members of Birkhill Field Archery Club will need to affiliate with the Scottish Field Archery Association (SFAA)  and are therefore covered by Public Liability Insurance whilst competing in SFAA shoots or shooting on their own club ground or indoor facilities all under the rules of the Association, recognised by the SFAA.



Dogs are allowed but are restricted to the administration area and must be kept on a lead. Owners will be asked to remove noisy and badly behaved dogs, or if a member present is allergic or objects.

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