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Beginner's Courses

All around Scotland, Scottish Field Archery Association (SFAA) clubs run beginner’s courses tailored to the needs of their communities, which are delivered by qualified coaches. Courses can vary from club to club, but they will all share some things in common.

During the course all equipment is provided, and everyone is fully insured while under instruction in the beginner’s course. Courses are typically delivered as group sessions. One 90-minute session per week is the average, and the course is usually delivered over a six-week period in which you will receive an introduction to archery and be taught the correct shooting technique. Over the beginner’s course you’ll also learn about safety, etiquette and the rules of shooting, so if you decide to join afterwards you can get started at the club sessions right away.


Costs vary from club to club so please contact your nearest one for details.

At the end of the course, the club will normally invite you to join, at which time you would usually also become a member of the Scottish Field Archery Association (SFAA). The SFAA provides the infrastructure for the sport, sends you a membership card that allows you to shoot almost anywhere in the world, and keeps you up to date through its website, e-mail and social media.

Hope to see you.

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