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The SFAA ran a Level 1 IFAA/SFAA Coaches Course over the weekend of 22-23 Oct 22. This was held at the Army Barracks at Leuchars in Fife. The decision was made to return to Face 2 Face training. Thanks go out to the Station Staff and 71 Engineer Regiment at Leuchars for the use of their hanger which proved both warm and dry.

The five candidates were highly motivated and remained engaged throughout the course, there was much conversation and healthy debate for the course staff to “referee”. The course was conducted over two very full days of classroom and practical sessions involving the following:

  • Coaching techniques

  • Range and course safety

  • Equipment Selection

  • Safeguarding (working with vulnerable groups)

  • The shot process

  • Risk assessment

  • Lesson planning

  • Taking a practical lesson

  • Practical teaching aids

  • Observing and critique of archers

It was really good to return to face-to-face training after delivering courses mostly on-line over the past couple of years. Though it has to be said there were advantages in delivering seminars via the internet and lots of valuable learning opportunities have been taken and incorporated in this course.

Great to see to following joining the ranks of SFAA/IFAA Coaches:

Rafal Joraz

Carol-Anne Seez

Jon Purkiss

Jim Stillie

Chris Dalrymple

All the very best from the SFAA and enjoy your coaching journey.

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