IFAA/SFAA Level 1 Coach Course Winter 21-22

The Level 1 Coaching Couse for 2021 was run once again a “hybrid” course starting in early Oct 21 and finishing on the 16 Jan 22.

The SFAA Coaching Development Team continue to develop and alter the course to meet the needs of a fast-developing sport and an increasing need to deliver professional, safe training to archers starting out on their own archery journeys.

The on-line content was delivered over Google Meet and was mostly not problematic. There were however a few issues with connectivity as always, but these were overcome and the syllabus was delivered prior to face to face, practical training delivery.

The subjects include:

· Archery Safety & Risk Assessment

· Qualities of a Coach

· Lesson planning

· The shot sequence

· How to help archers with their shot sequence

· Working with persons in vulnerable groups

The face to face training delivered in Mid Jan 22, the aim of this 1 day workshop is to give the candidates the opportunity to develop their instructional skills and practice in a safe environment. It is tribute to all the candidate’s courage that they all engaged 100% with the sessions. These are all designed to give the candidates confidence, structure and flexibility to deliver training to archers starting out.

The SFAA thanks them for putting themselves forward for the training and for the commitment and time they give to their clubs.

Congratulations go to: Gavin Eisler (Argyll FA) Chris Shuttleworth, Jim McGukin (Palacerigg), Justin Bolger, Nicola Cousins (Drum FA) & Martin Krusche (Birkhill FA).

Regrettably Charlie Lush & Chris Dalrymple were unable to attend the face-to-face seminar and it is hoped that a catch-up session can be arranged in the near future.

Thanks to our Coaching Development Team: Ken Brill, Keith Hodinott, Pauline MacFarlane & Rhys Shingler for giving their time & energy to ensure that we have new coach graduates to continue the great work the SFAA does in Scotland to assure Field Archery is promoted and continues to grow in popularity.

If you are interested in becoming an SFAA Coach then drop an email to info@sfaa-ltd.com

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